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Pathogenesis and new approaches to prevention and care

Overall objectives
At the molecular level:
  • To investigate the mechanisms involved in the host innate immune response after retroviral infection, and in particular in HIV-1 latency.
At the individual level:
  • To investigate the key factors associated with transmission of infection
At the community level: 
  • To develop and test new approaches for the control of chronic infections, ranging from new screening strategies to interventions for primary and secondary prevention, at the individual, familial or community level, with much focus on high-risk groups (e.g PWID, FSW, breastfeeding children born from HIV-infected woman, TB-contacts, etc.).
  • To assess new tools (from data sources to modeling) to evaluate national control programs for chronic infections
These objectives will be addressed through various projects listed below, elaborated and conducted in close collaboration with other teams of the Research Unit, but also through existing and expanding national and international collaborations and consortia.

Nicolas Nagot

Scientific supervisor

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